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Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Welcome to our web site. You are visiting this web site either because you want to take up running or you have some experience in running and you want to join a running club, hopefully Hailsham Harriers! (You may be a member from another club, yes even you too are welcome!).

Anyone can run! Whether you’re young or old, male or female, naturally fit or proudly sedentary, you can start running. It is the ultimate universal sport. We all know how to do it and while we might not admit it, we all have enough time and opportunities. The good news is that no matter how much or how little you commit to running it will have a positive effect on your life and will help to develop a "new you" quicker and more effectively than any other activity. Running offers so much more than a flatter stomach, better muscle tone and a longer and more energetic life. For most of us, body and soul tune together to produce this stimulating activity we call running. Running strengthens the body, but it also soothes the soul.

So why join Hailsham Harriers? A running club will add structure, motivation and competition to your running, as well as adding a new social dimension to your favourite sport. Our qualified coaches will be happy to advise you on your training plan and are ready to give you good advice when it is needed. We are proud to be able to promote ourselves as "the friendly running club" and you will find, like I did, that a tremendous amount of motivation and support comes from the members either when training our when racing. Please remember that Hailsham Harriers is a club for all abilities, whether you want to run to keep fit or to be County Champion, this is the club for you. What other activity could offer so much for a subscription fee of only £20 per annum? I joined the club in 1995 and I have loved every minute, my only regret is not joining earlier.

Yours in sport,

Paul J Eccles

How Harriers began - a short insight

Hailsham Harriers was one of a number of clubs set up in the eighties as a result of the road running boom at the time. While many others have fallen by the wayside, Hailsham have gone from strength to strength. These days they are one of the strongest clubs in the county competitions with talented individuals always among the prizes.

The club started in 1983 when a group of social workers from the Lansdowne Children’s Centre, eager to get fit for the local "fun run" formed Lansdowne Striders. The following year a public meeting brought about a merger with the already existing Hailsham AC to form Hailsham Harriers and the club quickly moved into the mainstream of Sussex road running. From meagre beginnings the Hailsham club went on to win the Sussex Grand Prix Road Running a number of times.

Harriers today are producing some promising young athletes.

There is a strong social feel to the Hailsham club. They make an annual trip to take runners to compete in the London Marathon and have made many trips not only to Wales and various areas of England but have taken groups to compete abroad in Berlin, Boston, Dublin, Paris, Honolulu, New York and Club La Santa

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