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Wednesday 25th of April 2018

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Latest Club Record: | 16/07/2017 | 1 Mile Road | Mark Bassett | 00:06:18 | MV45 | Eastbourne Golden Mile

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Hellingly 10k

Results Roundup

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Committee News  1
Harriers 30th Awards
Article posted 2014-04-22

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Harriers Xmas Run Events
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South Downs Way Relay 2014
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Herstmonceux Relays 2015
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Milland Time
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Club Track Championship 2014
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Herstmonceux Relays 2014 Results
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Milland Road Race 2014
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Results  1
First for Blackstock
Article posted 2014-03-13

General News  5
Bournemouth Update
Article posted 2015-05-13
Chairmans Report 2014
Article posted 2014-11-29
Bornemouth Marathon Weekend 2015
Article posted 2014-11-09
New Records
Article posted 2014-07-13
Bournemouth Marathon Festival
Article posted 2014-01-19

Grove Hill Mile 2017

Thanks to those who ran and helped this morning in what was a really disappointing turnout for The Grove Hill Mile.
Seven of Harriers finest did make the start line to race the traditional uphill mile only to turn around at the top after a short recovery to re-trace their steps for the slightly easier return mile back down.
Rather than the usual 10 second intervals, a handicap system was employed which I think proved to be a success.
Gary Smith used his handicap to great effect to win both the up and down races, narrowly beating Frances Delves on the up and Katie Manley on the down.
Martin Bell proved to be too strong for the rest in clocking the fastest time up, 6-10 and down, 5-26.
The small field did have its benefits, chocolate was won by all runners!

1mile up.1miledown
1Martin Bell.6-10.5-26.
2Graham Purdye.6-53.6-00.
3Gary Smith.7-25.6-05.
4Peter Drake.7-36.6-02.
5Frances Delves.8-03.6-50.
6Katie Manley.8-28.7-03.
7Norman Harris.9-53.8-05.
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Chairmans report 2016

Chairmans Report 2016 (Colin Burgess)
2016 has been another successful year for us. I could talk in depth about our athletic achievements but that's not the purpose of my report. Each year I have been able to report progress with the way we organise and manage the Club to the point where I think this cannot get better, but it does.
Examples being:- The Club Awards Evening and Dinner, The Track Championships, The Hellingly 10k,The Summer and Winter Strolls, The Southdowns Relay, The Herstmonceux Relays and The Bournemouth Festival Weekend.
The Club Dinner was a massive success. Attended by more people than ever who seemed to have a really good time. Thanks to Sophie and her helpers.
The Track Championships with more people taking part than ever before. Thanks to Maria and her team.
The Hellingly 10K was fantastically organised by Annette. She was supported by what seemed to be all the club and their families, which made it the success it was.
The Summer and Winter Strolls now seem to be a permanent event that gets more and more popular each year.
The Herstmonceux Relays had to be capped at 70 teams because it was so popular and successful thanks to Paul and his helpers.
The Southdowns relays proved to be as popular as ever.
The Bournemouth Festival weekend attracted more than 50 Harriers and their Families .This weekend epitomised what the club is all about. Great achievement, great effort, great camaraderie and real support and appreciation of each other. I had a wonderful time.
Other events such as the beach run and club B.B.Q. were well attended and enjoyed. I cannot thank everybody by name but let it be known I am so proud of what our club has become. It seems to me that more and more people get involved in helping and organising. This makes for great team spirit.
The outgoing committee have been as good as any I have worked with and made my job of Chairman very easy.
While writing this next passage I became quite emotional I hope I can hold it together while I read it out.
At this point with some trepidation I make it official that after 20 plus years I am not seeking re-election as Chairman. This is a very hard decision, but I feel now is the right time for me. I have always been very proud to hold the post and must thank many people who have done so much for the club and helped make it what it is today.
I became Chairman by default when the previous incumbent decided to defect to another club. I stood in on a temporary basis. After being asked to carry on I found great inspiration from the leadership previously shown by Derek Wells, the organisational skills of John Faulds and the absolute enthusiasm and dedication of Julie Chicken. Then it was easy for me because I knew the secret of being successful was having great people on the executive committee and in all the important club positions. I am proud that I have been able to count on the support of some wonderfully gifted and enthusiastic secretaries, treasurers and club captains. I will not single anybody out but my heartfelt thanks go to them all. I am not disappearing, I intend to be an active competing member for as long as I possibly can. Red and Black till I die.
To finish off I would like to tell a true story that may point the way forward. At this year's club Dinner a reasonably new member said after the awards that he did not realise that I was the Club Chairman. He then said he would give me some advice which was to keep doing what you are doing because everything about the club was great. Shortly we will elect a new Chairman and committee my advice is exactly that. Keep doing what you have been doing because you have a great club.
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Harriers BBQ

Note for your Diaries.

The Harriers BBQ will be on Friday August 5th at Horsebridge Rugby Club from 6:30.

Further details to follow.
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Bournemouth Update

Arrangements are coming together nicely for the Harriers' Bournemouth marathon festival road trip. There are 50 confirmed revelers, of whom, 41 will be running 5k, 10k, half or full marathons.

We have practically taken over the Travelrest Hotel and a pasta party has been booked at the Bournemouth Pizzahut for 35 people at 7-30 with a further booking for 15 at 8-30 to accommodate those running or supporting the 5k runners. We used this restaurant last year and they looked after us really well.

Celebrations for those who have raced on the Saturday, may then carry on into the night, but the half and full marathoners will be wanting an early night to prepare for the mornings effort!

With this in mind, 28 people have confirmed that they will be staying over for a 2nd night at the hotel so I have arranged for more celebrations on the Sunday evening by way of drinks in the hotel bar followed by a curry just a short plod away for those with marathon legs!

If anyone has any questions, please let me know and I'll try to help.

Cheers Alan. alan.thornton1959@yahoo.co.uk

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The Harriets 2015

Mr & Mrs T
Mr & Mrs T

"Harriers sporting achievements celebrated at The Hydro"

Hailsham Harriers held their 2014 sporting achievements evening with an entertaining  Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Hydro Hotel attended by over seventy members, family, friends and guests. 
Fourteen Club awards were up for presentation together with a number of awards achieved by Harriers at the 2014  Sussex Road Race Grand Prix series.
The evening was opened by Chairman Colin Burgess with a welcome and toast followed by a tasty dinner before the memorable, eloquent and entertaining speech from the host Paul Eccles which included a summary of successes achieved in Cross Country, Road Racing and Track.
The first award for the Most Improved Senior/Vet was won by Graham Purdye who covered many miles in a range of competitions.
The Club Trier of the Year for the John Faulds Memorial Trophy was  awarded to Ian Turnbull.
Simon Haddon was awarded the Most Promising Newcomer and the Derek Wells Trophy for Best Athletic Performance to Liz Lumber.
The Club Award for the Best Athletic Performance by a Team was for the gold at the 045 Sussex Cross Country Championship by Liz Lumber,Fiona Bugler and Sam Alvarez.
Sue Fry won The Carol Russell Trophy for the fastest 10k Road Race time achieved at Worthing.
In the Ladies club Track Grand Prix series awards were presented to the first three with the winner Jo Curran, sister Kelly Tattam second and Julie Chicken third. 
In the Mens series the winner by just one point was Paul Henderson from Huw Jones and third Dave Perry.
The First Harrier in the Hellingly 10k Road Race was awarded to Alan Thornton and the most improved performance from the previous year to Rob Crouch.
A new award introduced was for the Best Age Graded performance and this went to Karen Bowler and in the Juniors section, the most improved Junior to win the Chris Scott Memorial Trophy went to Holly Hinton and the Senior Coaches award with the Paul Frances Memorial Award to Zoe Mayhew.
The clubs final award the Cliff Lowen Trophy to the Runners Runner which was voted by all the club members in a vote went to a popular Alan Thornton.
The Sussex Grand Prix awards went to Gary Judges ,Norman Harris and John Taylor and a host of prizes in the Ladies to Sue Fry, Sam Alvarez, Liz Lumber, Alissa Ellis, Frances Delves and Wendy Robson.
The evening concluded with a live performance by professional singer Chris Anderson of The Swing Thing.
Harriers special thanks go to organiser Sophie Thornton, awards by Maria Stewart and the staff at the Hydro for an excellent evening.

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Chairmans Report 2014

Colin Burgess
Colin Burgess

Chairman’s Report 2014

I have been Chairman since 1997 Paul informs me, so I will have presented 17 reports and I always state at the start that this is not about our athletic prowess or progress but how the club is managed. I am more than proud of our club runner’s performances over the years and this past year is no exception.

We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year and that in its self is a great achievement. Many thanks to Lesley for arranging our celebration dinner, also to Paul Eccles for his wonderful inspiring speech.

I feel the club has again progressed this year and I must thank the outgoing committee for their hard work on behalf of the members. Too many people have contributed for me to thank them all individually but the club is so much better for the contribution of members that do not serve on the committee. I thank you all. Included in our many successes this year are the organisation of the Club Track Championships, the Hellingly 10K, the Herstmonceux Castle relays and the Sunday Social run. Although the Sunday run is not exclusive to the club it’s a great way to promote what we are all about. Camaraderie and Friendship.

At this point I must state that our secretary Lesley is standing down as of this A.G.M. In my opinion the secretary's job is the most important position on the committee and Lesley has held the post for a number of years and has done a wonderful job taking on far more than she ever needed to. For example she became our membership secretary and social secretary, posts now filled by two persons. It's not easy for members to appreciate the efforts freely given by officers of the club but sometimes it is easy to criticise. Thank you Lesley for your hard work on behalf of the club and I thank you for making my job as Chairman so much easier please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation.

I would like to read exerts from a letter we received from England Athletics in August. They had previously done a survey of clubs offering four choices which were to increase registration fees for 2015/16 to £12 -£14-£15 or to leave it at its current £10. The result from a very small response was 32.7% for £12 5.8% for £14 pounds 32.8% for £15 and 28.8% to leave it at £10. In their wisdom England Athletics have decided as of April 2015 Individual athlete registration will be £12 and Club affiliation will be £100. The current process for administering fees will not change. Meaning we have to collect it for them. My report will go on the club web site so this information can be seen by all members. It's important because it affects club membership fees and we have no control over this.

Finally I have the honour of announcing that the committee have decided to present life membership to Geoff Depper. This is in recognition of his service to the club over many years and in many different posts. He served on the committee for a number of years in different rolls but perhaps his greatest contribution to the club was setting up our first internet web site and managing it for many years. Thanks Geoff this is a well earned honour. To my knowledge in our thirty year history we have only created 2 previous life members.

That concludes my report.

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Bornemouth Marathon Weekend 2015

Following a very successful outing this year, I'm planning another Harriers road trip to Bournemouth on the weekend of 3rd and 4th October, 2015 http://www.run-bmf.com
In 2014, no fewer than 28 Harrriers competed in 5k, 10k, half and full marathon races and next year, this number seems set to be even greater!
The Travelrest Hotel http://www.travelrest.co.uk has once again done us a fantastic deal for our stay. Twin and double rooms cost £75 for the Saturday and £53 for the Sunday, based on 2 people sharing on a B&B basis and there are family rooms at the same price with a supplement for additional breakfasts. There is nothing to pay until arrival at the hotel and there is no cancellation charge provided you give them at least 7 days notice so there is nothing to lose by booking now if you think you might want to come along. The Hotel will sell out fast so please book now to avoid disappointment!
Telephone no. 01202 555889.
There'll be a pasta party on the Saturday night and this year, about half of the group stayed for both nights and enjoyed a fantastic Sunday night curry and a few leisurely drinks to celebrate our achievements and travelled home on the Monday.... Highly recommended if time allows!

Cheers, Alan.
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Summerheath Hall Double Booked

All members planning on attending training on Thursday evening, please note that there is a schedule clash with other organisations at the Summerheath Hall so the meet point has be re-assigned to the School in Battle Road. Training will still take place on Forest View.

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Harriers Summer BBQ 2014

This year the Club BBQ will be on Friday August 8th from 6:30.

Venue is the Horsebridge Recreation Ground.

for more information and for advice on what to bring please contact Sue Cooper. 01323 842286
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New Records

New Records have been claimed by both Alan Thornton and Frances Delves.

Frances ran in the Seaford South Coast Run 5k and Was first lady home in 23:06 lowering her own 5k record in the process.

Alan Thornton has also been busy and has claimed the following club records in the MV55 Category.

1 Mile in a time of 5:47 at the Club Championships

3000M in a time of 10:43.4 at the Vets League meet Lewes

10 Mile in a time of 67:04 at the Rye 10

15 MIle in a time of 1:45:20 at the Bewl 15

Well Done to both Alan and Frances
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Tempo Shop

New shop opened up in eastbourne for runners, holding stock of harriers kit pop along to Susans road and grab a bargain.

Free Beer Tomorrow

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Night runs at your own personal risk

A Note from Head Coach, Julie Chicken.

For your information:

Night runs at your own personal risk

With regard to the night runs on the downs although some of you may enjoy these it is not something that the Harriers Committee or coaches recommend or endorse.

The reasons are that it is not sensible, it is not safe and it is not necessary and Hailsham Harriers cannot be held responsible when a runner goes down a rabbit hole, trips over a stone or on uneven ground, gets lost or suffers cold or heat from possible extreme weather conditions.

Spare a thought for the people that will have to come and find and get you when this happens and their first question will be why are you up here in the dark and there is just no reasonable or justifiable answer.

All clubs within UKA (UK Athletics) are required to follow best practice in our sport.

If you want a long run at night then please find well lit roads or do it in the summer early evenings before dusk when there is some natural daylight.

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Harriers Winter Waddle

Details for the winter waddle night stroll....

Meeting Saturday 15th February, 5pm at Polegate railway station, then head torches at the ready (although hoping the full moon will be visible to assist!!) for a saunter over the hills to the Pilot, Meads.

We have a table booked at 8pm for dinner, following that it's back to the station for those Hailsham/Polegate bound, assuming you don't fancy the return journey over the hills!

Please let me know if you will be joining for the stroll, also need to know numbers for dinner.

Thanks x
Annette 07813731321

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Bournemouth Marathon Festival

Hi all,
we're planning a Harriers weekend away for the Bournemouth Marathon weekend festival on 4th and 5th October http://www.run-bmf.com
Several of us ran the marathon, half, 10 and 5k Last year and there are already 17 confirmed for this year.
We're all booked in to the Travelrest Hotel, which is ideally positioned close to the beach and town centre.
Most have booked for the Saturday and Sunday nights so that we can celebrate in style without having to drive home after the race.
If you book through http://www.bookings.com there's no deposit and you pay nothing until you checkout of the hotel.
Rooms cost £80 for 2 nights but are filling quickly so if you fancy a great weekend away, you'll need to act fast!
Any questions, give Me a call 07595461618
Cheers, Alan
Alan Thornton
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Volunteers Needed for Blackstock Fm XC

Brian Winn
Brian Winn
Volunteers required to marshal the final East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League race at Blackstock Farm, Hellingly on 23rd February.

Please let either Sam Alvarez, Brian Winn or Kevin (Dave) Tyler know that you are available as soon as possible - many thanks!

Contact Brian Winn phone me on my landline which is 01323 485555 or text my mobile number which is 07765-216990 or write to me on my e-mail address which is brianwinn1atbtinternet.com
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Friday Night with the Fabulous Mr Fox

We all resolve to try new things or do something different for the New Year.
And so it is Mark Fox came up with the idea that on one Friday evening we would carry out a night run from Falmer back to Eastbourne along the South Downs Way, with a few pre agreed stopping points for those who did not want to go all the way. This was to give us a glimpse in to his and Richard Tickner’s world as ultra runners extraordinaire.
Now a number of us responded in the affirmative to take part in this run, and so as the week progressed I know that I kept an ever increasing eye on the weather forecast for the evening of Friday 3rd January 2014. Well the Friday arrived and the weather looked inclement during the day and some debate raged on the Clubs Facebook page before Foxy put a post on reassuring us we would be ok and that he would call it off if needs be.
Well towards the end of the afternoon the weather abated a little although not on my jog down to Polegate railway station in which I got wet for the first time although it was not to be the last. I instantly saw Peter Drake and then Ian, Becky, Maria, Anita. Catherine, Tina and Jacqui the train pulled in at around 18.10 and we met Foxy, Richard, Adam, Gav. I know we were in high spirits on the train and I suspect we may have been a little loud that was until the train reached Lewes when I think the reality of what was for many including myself our first night run on the Downs. Well we pulled in to falmer station and all disembarked from the train where we paused and asked some unsuspecting traveller to take a team photo.
Once that was completed the running started and although we started in the dry we did not have long to wait before the rain joined us again, after a mile or so we made it to Housedean farm and turned on to the Downs (leg 4 in reverse for those of us who look at things that way) and on to the Downs the head torches now casting significant light which along with Becky’s torch left me wondering if any aircraft would mistake us for Gatwick airport. We climber the first lengthy hill up to the top and then turned left to begin the long journey to Eastbourne and with that turn I think it is fair to say the wind joined us also although thankfully at our backs helping us on our journey. Well what can I say at this point I am already a convert the Downs are as beautiful in this light as in any other and with the lights of Brighton, Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford already in view it was an amazing sight. Yes the ground was a little wet but surprisingly good. I found myself able to help with the navigation due to my knowledge of the hills but I must give a massive thanks to Mark, Richard and Gav for their skills and support for us all.
As we progessed along the way the spirits remained high and maybe even grew, everyone was having a great time. And so we completed leg 4 and now in to leg 3 at Itford Farm - blimey what a climb that is in reverse and on to Firle Beacon where Ian had earlier parked his car but not before he had loaded the boot with energy drinks chocolate and flapjack and we duly indulged in this feast provided by Ian thank you. After leaving Ian we moved towards Bo-Peep and wow that was a bit windy in that area but as we all know if running were easy everyone would do it (and we know they don’t). Now in SDR paralnce moving on to leg 2 and in to Alfriston where it was time for me to bug out thanks to a lift from Maria, I am in awe of those who were continuing to Eastbourne and a little sad that our run had come to an end but above all else completely exhilarated by what was an amazing experience, and one of my favourite runs with a joy and ambition to do it again. Along with a large sense of pride in both myself and all those who I ran with, perhaps we will forever share something that words can not quite describe.
Thank You Foxy, Richard and Gav for allowing us this insight in to your world I know we all enjoyed it.
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ESSCC Pett Cancelled

Harriers in the ESSCC
Harriers in the ESSCC
The ESSCC fixture at Pett on January 12th has been Cancelled due to Waterlogged Ground.

Current Standings after 3 events with 2 events remaining (excluding the cancelled fixture at Pett) are shown below.
1Lewes AC3
2Hailsham Harriers6
3Eastbourne Rovers10
4Heathfield Road Runners14
5Crowborough Runners17
6Hastings AC18
7Meads Runners20
7Arena 8020
9Hastings Runners27
Data taken from the ESSCC website at http://www.eastsussexcrosscountry.co.uk/
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