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Wednesday 25th of April 2018

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Hellingly 10k

Results Roundup

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Hastings Half Marathon

Jo Curran
Jo Curran

"Judges excels at Hastings Half"

The 31st Hastings Half Marathon organised as ever by Eric Hardwick and Hastings Lions saw 3,000 runners including an international field competing on this tough undulating course in company with chilly winds. Hailsham Harriers had thirty seven of their runners taking part and once again it was that man Gary Judges providing a spectacular performance with an excellent 13th place and first in his age vet category with a chip time of 1h16m47s in the race won by Kenyon Sammy Nyokaye with 1h05m26s . Another great run following is high placing at the recent Brighton half came from Wes Mechen with 27th and Simon Haddon showed great promise with 92nd. Top lady for Harriers saw Jo Curran with a sparkling performance in 13th (139th overall) from Sam Alvarez and Alissa Ellis with the ladies race won by Kenyon Mercyline Ondieki in 1h21m35s. The event is not all about personal bests but many of the Harriers team produced some great runs and points towards the Sussex Road Race grand Prix series. Harriers positions and times were as follows.

Hastings Half Marathon 22-03-2015

PosNamePerformaceChip or GunAge Grade
0Gary Judges01:16:47Gun85.02%
27Wes Mechen01:20:12Chip74.39%
0Simon Haddon01:27:25Gun68.01%
0Jo Curran01:29:54Gun74.5%
0Alan Thornton01:31:39Gun76.31%
0Graham Purdye01:32:09Gun77.98%
0Roy Meller01:33:04Gun71.95%
227David Perry01:33:25Gun63.87%
0Graham Woolley01:34:17Gun63.06%
0Alissa Ellis01:34:21Gun70.98%
0Giles Bowmer01:34:55Gun62.64%
0Michaela Furlong01:36:44Gun70.77%
453Wendy Robson01:39:32Gun67.95%
0Peter Drake01:43:15Gun67.14%
0Audrey Haddon01:48:09Gun60.87%
0Helen O'Sullivan01:49:22Gun61.84%
0Neal Robinson01:49:45Gun60.49%
1091Victoria Burford01:51:40Gun60.92%
0Tracy Erridge01:51:49Gun62.62%
1145Mark Bassett01:52:29Gun56.17%
1265Rebecca Holland01:54:50Gun59.24%
0Richard Tickner01:55:38Gun57.9%
0Catherine Brewer01:56:48Gun63.85%
1437Dan Linford-Jones01:57:32Gun50.38%
0Roberto Proietti02:04:04Gun61.89%
0Ian Turnbull02:06:47Gun50.65%
0John Taylor02:15:18Gun63.8%
2604Wendy Quinn02:30:35Gun47.36%
0Helen Tickner02:31:19Gun47.61%
0Marion Underdown02:40:49Gun51.45%
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Hastings Half Marathon Results 2014

Wendy Robson 1:42:26
Wendy Robson 1:42:26

First Male Harrier Home was Gary Judges in 1:18:29 which produces a high scoring Age Grade figure of 82.53% and First Lady was Joanne Curran in 1:29:24.

Several Harriers Scored PB's in the near perfect conditions well done to all.

Hastings Half Marathon 2014 23-03-2014

PosNamePerformaceChip or GunAge Grade
0Gary Judges01:18:27Gun82.53%
0Richard Tickner01:28:25Gun75.08%
0Alan Thornton01:28:37Gun78.23%
0Jo Curran01:29:24Gun74.61%
0Sue Fry01:29:34Gun76.96%
0Graham Purdye01:32:09Gun77.27%
0Alissa Ellis01:32:38Gun72%
0David Perry01:33:58Gun63.27%
0Graham Woolley01:34:53Gun62.51%
0David Coulson01:35:25Gun69%
0Roy Meller01:35:38Gun69.42%
0Paul Henderson01:35:47Gun61.82%
0Simon Haddon01:37:46Gun60.67%
0David Stringer01:39:44Gun63.86%
0Wendy Robson01:42:27Gun65.67%
0Allen Grant01:49:22Gun60.19%
0Ian Turnbull01:52:11Gun56.78%
0Mark Bassett01:54:23Gun54.8%
0John Taylor01:55:28Gun73.59%
0Peter Drake01:57:56Gun58.26%
0Roberto Proietti02:14:44Gun56.43%
0Helen Tickner02:18:34Gun51.46%
0Marion Underdown02:30:09Gun54.36%
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Eastbourne Half Marathon 2014

Pacing duties for some
Pacing duties for some

Eastbourne half marathon today, which saw a whopping 31 harriers take part and several also taking Pacing duties.

Gary Judges was the first harrier home in 6th place oveall with a chip time of 1:22:25. Gary was also first Vet Man. Results below.

More photos in the Photo Gallery

Eastbourne Half Marathon 2014 02-03-2014

PosNamePerformaceChip or GunAge Grade
0Gary Judges01:22:25Gun78.56%
0Emma Richards01:29:46Gun74.3%
0Paul Henderson01:32:33Gun63.98%
0Simon Haddon01:33:45Gun63.27%
0David Coulson01:35:43Gun68.78%
0Graham Woolley01:36:14Gun61.63%
0Roy Meller01:38:12Gun67.6%
0Adam Davies01:38:52Gun60.14%
0Sue Fry01:39:10Gun69.51%
0Olivia Webb01:43:25Gun68.31%
0Alan Thornton01:43:32Gun66.96%
0Neal Robinson01:48:33Gun60.65%
0Ivor Rumsey01:48:33Gun66.2%
0Mark Bassett01:50:27Gun56.75%
0Shaun Webster01:50:27Gun55.85%
0Helen O'Sullivan01:52:34Gun59.77%
0Peter Drake01:53:30Gun60.54%
0Norman Harris01:58:11Gun66.27%
0Ian Turnbull02:01:09Gun52.57%
0Alan Hide02:02:34Gun61.44%
0Geoffrey Depper02:03:50Gun58.57%
0Patricia Hide02:40:18Gun48.94%
0Marion Underdown02:46:22Gun49.07%
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First for Blackstock

Nina Enjoying the XC
Nina Enjoying the XC


Blackstock Farm, Hellingly was the brand new location for the Final held on 23rd February in cloudy/windy conditions but otherwise not too bad considering the winter so far! Of course, the ground under foot was the worst it could be but thankfully St John Ambulance (who were in attendance) were not needed. The main car park was full to capacity and the overflow car park was used by some brave souls who risked being stuck in the mud.

The Junior race of just under a mile started at 10.30 a.m. (as usual) and was well supported by a local school, other youngsters and their parents. From the same start (a half an hour later) the main event consisted of one lap of fields and three laps of very undulating terrain through wooded areas, past lakes and the River Cuckmere with farm animals and wildfowl all looking on. The distance was over 5 miles but incredibly nobody complained but everyone said "that was really tough" or words to that effect!

Hailsham Harriers (the runners) put up a brave fight but came home second in the team event to Lewes A.C. However, with so many of our club helping on the day this was hardly surprising. Very grateful thanks to those who marshalled (to name each of you would take up too much of this article but you know who you are). However, worthy of special mention are Sam Alvarez and Kevin (Dave) Tyler for their extra assistance as are the Salvidge family and their farm manager Steve for allowing us to churn up their land for free!

Look on our and the ESSCCL website for brilliant photos taken on the day and decide between now and the AGM whether we (as the organisers) want to do it all again. Amazingly, Blackstock Farm have agreed to have us back in a year`s time - if we wish?

Brian Winn

ESSXCL Blackstock Farm 23-02-2014

PosNamePerformaceChip or GunAge Grade
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