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Wednesday 25th of April 2018

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Hellingly 10k

Results Roundup

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Herstmonceux Relays 2015

Team success at Herstmonceux Castle Open Relay

Hailsham Harriers held their annual event in the grounds of Hestmonceux Castle (with kind permission from the owners) and a massive entry this year of 98 teams took part. The multi terrain course was over one and a half miles using a single loop of roads and tracks and thankfully the earlier forecast of rain did not materialise. Teams each consisting of four runners one to race each leg came from regional running clubs and other sporting clubs (well done Hellingly RFC) with youngsters also well represented in the mix. Hastings AC A team showed the others the quickest turn of pace with an overall win in a time of 29m55s for the 6 miles and their star runner Max Thomas also posted the fastest leg time of the evening with 6m56s the others in their team were Gary Foster 7m40s, Joe Body 7m45s, and Dan Russell 7m34s . They were pushed hard by an Eastbourne Rovers squad aptly named "World of Payne" who were runners up in 30m34s from Hastings Runners third and Lewes AC fourth. In the ladies teams it was Lewes who came through into first and second with their A and B teams timing 34m45s and 35m53s respectively (12th and 18th overall) with Hailsham Harriers known as "Keep up with the Birds" third comprising Sue Fry 8m31s, Cat Bounds 9m12s, Liz Lumber 9m07s, and Alissa Ellis 9m155s in 36m05s. Harriers also fielded a Junior girls team with Holly Hinton, Harriett Bloor, Zoe Palframan and Poppy Ellis who all had superb runs claiming 9th ladies and 56th spot overall in 42m40s. The mens Harriers A team also put in a solid performance with 16th place in 35m35s and the club also fielded a Harriers Vets team 27th in 37m29s, B team 37th in 39m38s and C team in 46th with 41m34s. The real stars of the night must go to Paul Eccles and his small team of helpers for giving nearly 400 runners such a great evening in what was intended to be fun but also proved to be most competitive as well.

144Hastings AC "A"29.551
246World of Payne30.342
327Hastings Runners Senior Men's "A"32.283
439Lewes AC32.404
564Hastings AC "B"32.495
62Caravan Crew32.536
752Hastings AC Vets33.591
889Hastings AC "C"34.117
993Meads Runners "A"34.198
1075BRT Whippets34.279
1188Lewes AC Ladies "A"34.351
12=15Seaside Trumpets34.4910=
12=47Brave New World of Payne34.4910=
1443Hastings AC "C"35.1612
1584Run Wednesdays 135.3213
1695Hailsham Harriers "A"35.3514
1729Hastings Runners Men's Vets35.372
1890Lewes AC Ladies "B"35.532
1911Keep up with the Birds36.053
2069Run Wednesdays 636.1415
2117Hastings Runners Senior Men's "B"36.20
2297Meads Runners "B"36.433
2363Hastings AC Ladies "A"36.494
2435Hellingly Rugby Club 136.5716
2534Stonewell Stampeders37.1817
2665Run Wednesdays 537.2418
2732Hailsham Harriers Vets37.294
2880Heathfield Old Boys37.325
2948Hastings AC "D"37.4519
3083Meads Runners "F"38.036
3145No Payne No Gain38.1220
3251Run Wednesdays 338.1721
3394Meads Runners Ladies "A"38.375
346Eastbourne Rovers 338.4222
3574BRT "Middle Aged Blokes"39.177
3672Hastings AC Ladies "B"39.236
3762Hailsham Harriers "B"39.3823
3857Run Wednesdays 239.4424
3977Meads Runners "C"40.278
403The Family Flyers40.2825
4131Firle Road Flyers40.5026
4260BRT Juniors 140.5927
4376Hastings AC Ladies "C"41.127
4530Icklesham Casuals41.2828
4679Hailsham Harriers "C"41.3429
4758Run Wednesdays 741.3530
4870LRW 141.3831
4986Uckfield "B"41.4232
5038Hastings AC Ladies Vets41.471
5187Hastings AC "E"41.5033
521Winters Wonders42.009
5312Bodyshock Runners "A"42.1634
5410Eastbourne Rovers 742.1935
559Eastbourne Rovers 642.3436
5616Hailsham Harriers Junior Girls Team42.409
5733Slugs n Snails42.4137
5837Hellingly Rugby Club 342.4338
5924Hastings Runners Mixed Team 743.1339
6019Hastings Runners Mixed Team 243.1640
615Eastbourne Rovers 243.2441
6218Hastings Runners Mixed Team 143.3042
6326Hastings Runners Mixed Team 943.3543
6422Hastings Runners Mixed Team 543.3644
6521Hastings Runners Mixed Team 443.4045
6625Hastings Runners Mixed Team 844.0646
678Eastbourne Rovers 544.0847
68=23Hastings Runners Mixed Team 644.1448
68=49Heathfield Honey's44.142
7066Meads Runners44.3249
7120Hastings Runners Mixed Team 344.3450
7254Run Wednesdays 444.4651
7391Meads Runners Ladies "B"44.5110
7498Meads Runners "D"45.1610
7561BRT Juniors 245.1752
7640Hastings AC "Z"45.4753
7736Hellingly Rugby Club 245.5554
7855BRT Mixed45.5855
7959BRT Juniors 346.0056
8082Hastings AC Ladies "D"46.1311
8228Hastings Parkrunners47.2057
8314Bodyshock Runners "C"47.3158
8496Meads Runners Ladies "C"48.0713
854Eastbourne Rovers 148.3559
8667Run Wednesdays 2349.0514
8741Park Fitness49.2015
8968Run Wednesdays 849.413
907Eastbourne Rovers 450.5161
9173Female Run Wednesdays 152.0916
9285Meads Runners Ladies "D"52.514
9313Bodyshock Runners "B"52.5562
9442Female Run Wednesdays 354.3363
9550Heathfield High Flyers56.5717
9656BRT "On the Mend"59.1964
9753Female Run Wednesdays 260.3218

Team Winners Spreadsheet of results
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