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Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Next Harriers Event: | 26-04-2018 | 600 metres x 6 and 7 | 90 secs A group 2mins all others | Battle Road School

Latest Club Record: | 16/07/2017 | 1 Mile Road | Mark Bassett | 00:06:18 | MV45 | Eastbourne Golden Mile

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Hellingly 10k

Results Roundup

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Chairmans Report 2014

Colin Burgess
Colin Burgess

Chairman’s Report 2014

I have been Chairman since 1997 Paul informs me, so I will have presented 17 reports and I always state at the start that this is not about our athletic prowess or progress but how the club is managed. I am more than proud of our club runner’s performances over the years and this past year is no exception.

We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year and that in its self is a great achievement. Many thanks to Lesley for arranging our celebration dinner, also to Paul Eccles for his wonderful inspiring speech.

I feel the club has again progressed this year and I must thank the outgoing committee for their hard work on behalf of the members. Too many people have contributed for me to thank them all individually but the club is so much better for the contribution of members that do not serve on the committee. I thank you all. Included in our many successes this year are the organisation of the Club Track Championships, the Hellingly 10K, the Herstmonceux Castle relays and the Sunday Social run. Although the Sunday run is not exclusive to the club it’s a great way to promote what we are all about. Camaraderie and Friendship.

At this point I must state that our secretary Lesley is standing down as of this A.G.M. In my opinion the secretary's job is the most important position on the committee and Lesley has held the post for a number of years and has done a wonderful job taking on far more than she ever needed to. For example she became our membership secretary and social secretary, posts now filled by two persons. It's not easy for members to appreciate the efforts freely given by officers of the club but sometimes it is easy to criticise. Thank you Lesley for your hard work on behalf of the club and I thank you for making my job as Chairman so much easier please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation.

I would like to read exerts from a letter we received from England Athletics in August. They had previously done a survey of clubs offering four choices which were to increase registration fees for 2015/16 to £12 -£14-£15 or to leave it at its current £10. The result from a very small response was 32.7% for £12 5.8% for £14 pounds 32.8% for £15 and 28.8% to leave it at £10. In their wisdom England Athletics have decided as of April 2015 Individual athlete registration will be £12 and Club affiliation will be £100. The current process for administering fees will not change. Meaning we have to collect it for them. My report will go on the club web site so this information can be seen by all members. It's important because it affects club membership fees and we have no control over this.

Finally I have the honour of announcing that the committee have decided to present life membership to Geoff Depper. This is in recognition of his service to the club over many years and in many different posts. He served on the committee for a number of years in different rolls but perhaps his greatest contribution to the club was setting up our first internet web site and managing it for many years. Thanks Geoff this is a well earned honour. To my knowledge in our thirty year history we have only created 2 previous life members.

That concludes my report.

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